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Johanna Bermúdez-Ruiz, director and producer of the award-winning documentary, VIEQUES: AN ISLAND FORGING FUTURES, recently completed the compelling documentary feature-length film, SUGAR PATHWAYS. Ms. Bermúdez-Ruiz is a writer and producer of documentaries, films, music videos, and high definition footage for television documentaries. She has worked with Susan Batson and Carl Ford of Black Nexxus, Lauren […]

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SUGAR PATHWAYS (2009) tells the riveting story of the unwilling migration by Puerto Rican families from the small Caribbean island of Vieques to the US Virgin Islands. This powerful and vibrant film recounts their will to survive the journey, integrate and contribute to the culture, economy and politics of the Virgin Islands. SUGAR PATHWAYS is […]

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This award-winning documentary film demonstrates part of the peaceful resistance movement against the bombing practices of the U.S. Navy in Vieques, a sister island of Puerto Rico, after two bombs negligently killed David Sanes, a Viequense civilian employee, on the 19th of April 1999. This work documents the story of a people’s struggle against the […]