“An art professional of her caliber is a rare breed in the Virgin Islands, and we are lucky to have her and to benefit from her expertise, leadership and discipline,“ remarks Maud Pierre Charles, an artist in St. Croix.

Theresa T. Valenti, former Worldwide Advertising Manager at IBM’s Personal Computing Division, a client of Ogilvy & Mather Advertising at the time Krieger worked there, recalls that “Norma’s experience, leadership and management skills made her an invaluable asset to all members of the team.”

“She efficiently managed multi-million dollar budgets, negotiated detailed worldwide contracts, and executed complex advertising assignments,” Valenti says. “Norma was a valued partner to the creative and account management staffs, and a trusted colleague to the clients.”

“Norma was also good with our clients and consistently did a wonderful job of organizing, scheduling, and coordinating every job. She is not only experienced and talented on matters of taste, but also extremely attuned to the need for detailed planning and follow-through. Her pre-production meetings were models of consistency and total organization and she never left a base uncovered. This gave our clients a very high comfort level and also provided the creative teams with enough latitude to work with the photographer and get the best results possible. In the year and a half we worked together, I learned a lot from her. She made me a better creative director”
Frank Campion, SVP, Group Creative Director, Mullen, Inc.