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Fine Art | Paul Youngblood
Paul Youngblood

Paul Youngblood

After selling my first painting in second grade, I knew I was born to be an artist. Self taught, I learned from an early age by observing the masters’ techniques while visiting the Cleveland Art Museum; and later being inspired by going to the original Salvador Dali Museum in Beachwood, Ohio.

I use acrylic paints as my primary medium, and I describe my images as “stylized realism with surreal undertones.” In recent years I have encompassed a reflective aspect with my brushstrokes and lighting. This adds to a three dimensional aspect. By blending abstract patterns with a progression of washes and tones, the high-lighted brushstrokes take over, creating realistic images.

We are all in awe of the ultimate original artist, and all we can do is imitate his creations. Being influenced by my Caribbean heritage, through my drawings or my paintings, art is my way to bring one moment of peace in this otherwise hectic world. Nature is my inspiration, and for that there is an endless supply.

I have been showing my work professionally since the late 70’s throughout the Caribbean, United States, and France. I also have the privilege, of one of my paintings being part of the permanent collection at the Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota, Florida.